SpeedRunsLive is a speedrunning website founded by Cosmo Wright and Daniel Hart in 2009. It allows real-time racing between contestants. The users can rank up the leaderboards for individual games and overall. Users earn points for participating in races and coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in them.

Compatibility with LiveSplitEdit

This application is very useful for SpeedRunsLive. It allows you to join and create races within the application; it also sends the ".done" IRC command to the channel. That will stop the timer and submit that time to the website; it will also automatically start the timer when the race starts.


A mibbit chat is embedded into the website, allowing the user to create and join races with ease. The RaceBot receives and processes commands. Although this may be confusing to new users, it will eventually make sense and feel comfortable. When you join a race, the bot creates a new IRC channel, labelled #srl-[Randomly generated numerical phrase]. From here the users can set the goals with ".setgoal" and also communicate with their fellow racers.


  • Users may not use emulator functions
  • Users must stream when using emulators
  • Users should always race under the same nickname
  • Users must follow gaming-specific guidelines, not using a certain version etc.
  • Users should not open online multiplayer races
  • Users should not race separate goals
  • Users should not start a race unless there is an opponent to race
  • Users cannot use Project 64 2.x, or ZNES. Doing say may get you disqualified.
  • Users should consult all users in race before changing the goal
  • Users should not take extended brakes, short brakes to eat etc. are allowed
  • Users should not connect via Tor or another anonymous Internet service

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