Developer Nintendo/RICOH
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release Date

Japan - 15th July 1983

North America - 18th October 1985

Europe - 1st September 1986

On the Market 1983 [JP] - 2003 [JP]
Introduction Price 14,800¥ [JP]/$299 [US]
Total Units Sold ~123.82 million
CPU Ricoh 2A03 8-bit

2 controller ports

1 expansion slot

Top 3 Best Sellers
  1. Super Mario Bros 40.23 million
  2. Super Mario Bros 3 18 million
  3. Super Mario Bros 2 10 million
Also Known as Famicom (Japan)

The NES was Nintendo's first home console, and second console overall [including Game and Watch]. It was first released in 1983 in Japan as ファミコン or the Famicom. It's famous from saving the gaming industry from the gaming crash of 1983. They introduced a standard where Third Parties could apply to have their games released on the system. It had numerous add-ons, and had one of the longest life-spans of any gaming system in history. Despite its long legacy, the project was officially discontinued in 2003, 8 years after the discontinuation in America.